Tips to Use Videos as A Way to Build Links

As you may already know, video is all over the internet. It has emerged as the most powerful type of content in the recent decade.

A few things that are worth mentioning about video are as follows.

  • YouTube is not the single platform where the videos can be hosted. Some other platforms also exist. Those platforms include Vimeo, Vivo, Daily Motion, and Twitch. Although these platforms are not as big as YouTube, they are growing and emerging.
  • It has now become a common practice to embed videos in newsletters and websites.
  • Webinars are held on regular basis. They can be watched live or streamed for the replay.
  • We see people live with the help of Facebook live.
  • People share videos from all of the sources on all of the platforms.

Basics of creating videos for backlinks

  1. The first thing that you will have to do in this regard is doing your homework. This homework mainly involves analyzing and surveying to see what kind of videos do well on the internet. You will have to look at the video types that get more views and shares.
  2. If you want to build links with the help of videos, you will have to make sure that you are creating original content. And you will also have to make sure that the video you have created is capable of standing out among a long list of other videos. It doesn’t mean that you have to say something out of the ordinary to make the video different. You actually need to make use of the good lighting and sound quality here. Nice background and the sound without noise are the features that can make your video a popular one.
  3. You cannot ignore the power of YouTube videos. Each month, there are about 19 billion users who log onto the YouTube. And YouTube is watched for a billion of hours on daily basis. YouTube is launched in 100 countries and there are 80 languages in this platform. When it comes to popularity over the internet, YouTube stands on the second rank after Google.

Reason for video to be successful

If you want to make the content on the site more appealing, there is no better way than embedding a video to achieve this. An amazing idea is to explain the video by writing the video transcript. That is going to be an ultimately original content on the page. The best thing about embedding video is that if the webpage, in which the video is embedded, is ranked well, the video is automatically going to be ranked well. And if the video alone is ranking well in the SERPs, it will be quite beneficial to every page in which the video is embedded.

Now, it would be worth mentioning in the end that although the video is quite powerful type of content, a lot depends on the creativity of the publisher. And if you are looking to use video for building links, you will have to make sure that your videos are capable of attracting people’s attention.

Future Prospect for Marketing Based on Interest Targeting

With the help of different platforms and analytics, it has been pretty easier to reach the target audience among which you can place your advertisement. Nevertheless, you can now enhance the chances of your product to be sold by narrowing down the search based on what your target audience like. Hence, getting closer to the people who show interest in the type of product you sell is even easier because you can have access to information regarding their online habits.

Marketing based on specific interests

How interest targeting is going to impact is demonstrated well by Facebook, twitter and Revcontent, which is a content recommendation service.

For instance, audience targeting using the platform of Facebook now involves granularity at an advanced level. While creating an ad on Facebook, you can take into account the audience interests that are usually shared on their timelines, pages they like, ads they click, apps they frequently use and lots of different activity they take part in.

You can view interests based on age, gender and location. Twitter and Revcontent offer this information when you buy their ads.

The main advantage of this type of marketing is that you get more control over audience targeting and marketing the product or service.

Enhanced engagement, traffic and brand awareness

Different brands such as The New York Times, Blue Apron and several others have employed interest targeting for marketing their products and services. Reports suggest that their ROIs have been improved by many folds.

Besides better engagement that comes as the main reward, interest targeting makes it easier for the publishers to increase their efficiency in using the Twitter and Facebook feeds. It means that brands can now give extensive information about their products and services, believing that they are targeting the audience that is more likely to respond by either purchasing the product or sharing the information to a bigger domain.

Another big advantage of interest marketing is that the content marketing will now be more targeted and profitable. Content marketing is an expensive way of bringing a brand into display. With the help of interest targeting, you will now get a chance to make the marketing process highly aligned with what people really want. This way, you can make effective modification of content based on audience interest.

Some groups among this entire internet community have rightly guessed that dependence on certain social media platform is going to increase due to interest targeting. Some believe that this targeting may not substantially increase the traffic but it will rather result in better engagement, further resulting in better brand awareness.

Nevertheless, it is never guaranteed that interest targeting can solely help in the product marketing. You definitely need to work on effective SEO measures, like Indianapolis SEO, to complete ecommerce procedure. But it is also the fact that this tactic is going to help the brands to get necessary boost in term of engagement and brand awareness.